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Swimming Skin Care Tips: Before and after swimming

There are many things to enjoy in the summer season like some people love to take bath again and again. Some like to spend time in the swimming pool in this season. We all know that swimming is one of the best exercises for the whole body. On one hand, where it makes you feel fresh and helps in weight loss, then the problem of skin infection and tanning is also the most. Swimming pool water contains chlorine, which can damage your skin. To avoid this, it is important that you take special care of the skin. The skin gets very bad during swimming because we stay in water for hours without following any skin care routine. Let us know what things should be kept in mind before and after swimming so that the skin does not have a direct effect.


It is very important to apply moisturizer both before and after swimming. It is better that you choose a moisturizer according to your skin. To protect the skin from the chlorine present in swimming pool water, it is beneficial to use a moisturizer containing glycerin, oil or petroleum.

Apply waterproof sunscreen

Many people apply sunscreen before going out in summer. Similarly, before going to the swimming pool, you must apply waterproof sunscreen so that the chlorine does not have a direct effect on your skin.

Wear a swimming cap and glasses

Sunscreen is not recommended under the eyes. In such a situation, definitely wear swimming glasses. Along with the skin, there is an effect on the hair as well, so put on a swimming cap. Keep in mind that take a shower immediately after swimming so that the chlorine is completely removed from the body.

Vitamin C intake

Vitamin C should be consumed to maintain the pH level of the skin because during swimming the pH level of the skin gets disturbed a lot. In such a situation, foods containing vitamin C should be consumed.

Get a body massage once a week

Even after taking a shower after swimming, the effect of chlorine remains somewhere. In such a situation, take a deep body massage once a week.

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