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Homemade Scrub:do that homemade scrub to get rid of dead skin from face

Getting obviate dark spots on the skin may be a massive downside. These spots square measure terribly stubborn. it’s terribly tough to get rid of them. they sometimes occur on the face, neck and hands. individuals additionally use several beauty product (Homemade Scrub) to cover them. however they’re effective for a really short time. These dark spots square measure caused by over production of animal pigment on the skin. you’ll be able to additionally use a home-cured scrub to get rid of these stains. this may facilitate in removing the stains. These scrubs square measure created victimization natural ingredients. Let’s find out how to create them

Oats Scrub

To make this scrub, you may want a pair of teaspoon oats, a pair of teaspoon milk and one teaspoon honey, combine of these ingredients and create a paste and apply it on the face moreover because the neck. Massage the skin with this for a few time. Leave it like this for ten to fifteen minutes. afterward wash it off with plain water. you’ll be able to use this scrub each alternative day. Oats square measure renowned to possess exfoliating and cleansing properties. It works to nourish the skin and humidify the skin.

rice flour scrub

To make this scrub, you may want a containerful of flour and a few milk. combine these 2 well. Apply it on the face and neck, massage the skin with fingers. Leave it on the skin for ten minutes. After this, you’ll be able to use this scrub a pair of to three times every week by laundry it with plain water, rice flour removes pigmented and dead skin cells. Rice flour is wealthy in anti-oxidants. It reduces dark spots. Rice flour may promote albuminoid production within the skin, it reduces dark spots and scars, it keeps the skin toned and glowing.

self made up of strawberries

You will want four to five strawberries to create this scrub. create a paste by mashing them. Apply it on the face and neck, massage the skin with it for a couple of minutes, once that wash it with H2O. you’ll be able to use it a pair of to three times every week. Strawberries square measure wealthy in antioxidant. It helps in increasing the albuminoid production within the skin. the feel of mashed strawberries is slightly rough, it exfoliates the skin. It prevents dark spots, skin disease marks and sun tan etc.

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