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Unleash Your Creativity: Top Trending Graphic Eyeliner of 2024


Eyeliner, a timeless staple in the world of makeup, has the remarkable ability to transform and define the eyes, creating an array of looks from subtle sophistication to bold drama. Graphic eyeliner is taking the makeup world by storm, offering a fun and creative twist on traditional eyeliner. This new trend turns your eyes into a canvas for bold shapes, striking lines, and bright colors. It’s all about expressing your unique style and standing out. Whether you’re aiming for a dramatic look or want to try something new, graphic eyeliners provide a fresh and exciting way to enhance your eyes and show off your personality.

Whether aiming to accentuate your natural features with a classic wing or explore the latest trends in graphic and neon designs, eyeliner remains an essential tool in any beauty magazine.

1. Graphic Eyeliner

graphic eyeliner

This bold and artistic style involves creating geometric shapes, lines, and patterns around the eyes. It’s all about making a statement and can range from minimalist lines to intricate designs.

How to Create This Look:

Use a precise liquid or gel eyeliner.

Experiment with shapes like triangles, rectangles, or even abstract patterns around the eye area.

Combine different colors for a more dramatic effect.

2. Floating Eyeliner

This trend involves drawing the eyeliner above the eyelid’s natural crease rather than along the lash line. It creates a floating effect that’s modern and edgy.

How to Create This Look:

Use a fine-tip eyeliner pen for precision.

Draw a line that follows the shape of your eye but is placed higher up, above the crease.

You can keep it simple or double it with another line on the lash line for more impact.

3. Reverse Cat Eye

A twist on the classic cat eye, this style focuses on emphasizing the lower lash line with a winged effect, creating an inverted look.

How to Create This Look:

Start from the lower lash line and extend the wing outward and slightly upward.

Connect the wing to the upper lash line or leave it disconnected for a unique look.

Use a smudging brush to soften the edges for a smoky finish.

4. Neon Eyeliner

Bright, neon colors are in vogue, adding a pop of color and a fun element to eye makeup. This trend is perfect for festivals or making a bold statement.

How to Create This Look:

Choose neon shades like electric blue, vibrant pink, or lime green.

Apply as a simple line on the upper lash line or incorporate it into more complex designs like graphic or floating eyeliner styles.

Pair with neutral eye shadows to let the neon color stand out.

5. Double Winged Eyeliner

This style features two parallel wings, one on the upper lash line and one on the lower lash line, creating a dramatic and elongated eye look.

How to Create This Look:

Draw a classic winged line on the upper lash line.

Create a second wing on the lower lash line, mirroring the first.

Keep the wings parallel and extend them outwards for a cohesive look.

6. Smudged and Smoky Eyeliner

This softer, more diffused style offers a sultry and less defined look, perfect for a more laid-back, yet chic appearance.

How to Create This Look:

Use a pencil or kohl eyeliner for easy smudging.

Apply along the lash line and use a smudging brush or your fingertip to blur the edges.

Combine with smoky eyeshadow for added depth and drama.

7. Inner Corner Highlight

Highlighting the inner corners of the eyes with a touch of bright or metallic eyeliner to make the eyes appear bigger and more awake.

How to Create This Look:

Use a light or metallic eyeliner shade, such as white, gold, or silver.

Apply a small amount to the inner corners of the eyes.

Blend slightly into the lower lash line for a seamless look.

8. Colored Winged Eyeliner

Traditional winged eyeliner with a twist of vibrant colors, this style adds a playful and eye-catching element to your look.

How to Create This Look:

Choose a bright or pastel eyeliner shade, such as blue, green, purple, or pink.

Draw a classic winged eyeliner shape, extending it outward.

Combine with matching or complementary eyeshadow for a cohesive look.

9. Reverse Winged Eyeliner

Instead of flicking the wing outward, this style involves drawing the wing inward toward the inner corner of the eye.

How to Create This Look:

Start from the outer corner of your eye and draw a wing as you normally would, but angle it towards the inner corner instead of outward.

Keep the line thin and precise to maintain elegance.

Pair with a neutral eyeshadow to emphasize the unique wing.

10. Underliner (Lower Lash Line Focus)

Highlighting the lower lash line rather than the upper, this style is great for a modern, edgy look.

How to Create This Look:

Use a bold or contrasting eyeliner color.

Apply a thick line along the lower lash line.

Smudge slightly for a softer look or keep it sharp for a more defined effect.

11. Dotted Eyeliner

This playful and unique style involves adding dots along the lash line or in creative patterns around the eyes.

How to Create This Look:

Use a fine-tip eyeliner pen or a dotting tool.

Place dots evenly spaced along the upper or lower lash line.

Create patterns like a dotted line, clusters, or even shapes for a more artistic look.

12. Cut Crease Eyeliner

Combining the cut crease eyeshadow technique with sharp eyeliner, this style emphasizes the eye’s natural contour.

How to Create This Look:

Apply eyeshadow to create a defined cut crease.

Use a liquid eyeliner to draw a line following the crease of your eyelid, above the natural fold.

Connect the crease line to a winged liner on the upper lash line for a dramatic effect.

13. Negative Space Eyeliner

This minimalist and modern style involves leaving parts of the eyeliner design open or unfilled, creating a striking contrast.

How to Create This Look:

Use a liquid or gel eyeliner to outline shapes or patterns.

Leave the inside of the shapes unfilled to create negative space.

Combine with neutral or bold eyeshadow to make the negative space pop.

14. Fishtail Eyeliner

This style features a double flick, resembling a fishtail, for a more intricate and dynamic look.

How to Create This Look:

Draw a classic winged eyeliner.

From the outer corner of the wing, draw a second, smaller wing extending slightly upwards.

Ensure both wings are sharp and parallel, creating a fishtail effect.

15. Halo Eyeliner

This involves creating a halo effect around the eyes with eyeliner, often combined with shimmering eyeshadows.

How to Create This Look:

Use a metallic or glitter eyeliner.

Apply a thin line along the upper and lower lash lines, connecting at the outer and inner corners.

Pair with a shimmery eyeshadow to enhance the halo effect.


These additional eyeliner styles offer a variety of ways to express your creativity and complement different makeup looks, whether you’re aiming for subtle elegance or bold drama.

Graphic eyeliners are revolutionizing eye makeup with their bold, creative designs and vibrant colors. This trend encourages everyone to step out of their comfort zone and experiment with unique looks that express their individuality. Whether you prefer subtle accents or dramatic statements, graphic eyeliners offer endless possibilities to enhance your eyes and showcase your style. Embrace this exciting trend and let your eyes become a canvas for creativity.

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