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To Get Rid Of Tanning And Stickiness In Summer, Take Care Skin Like This

During the summer season, due to the effect of strong sunlight, the skin gets tanned, persists due to sweating, as well as problems like acne, rash etc. To avoid these troubles, you can use so many expensive products, but some effect only as long as you use them. Many times these products do not suit the skin at all and increase the frequency. The only way out of these problems is to take special care of the skin in this season and take care of the skin so that the glow of your skin remains intact. Know what are the important things to keep in mind summer skin care tips to keep the leftovers in summer season.

wear sunscreen

n such a situation, you must apply sunscreen on your skin half an hour before going out in the sun, keeping a gap of 15 to 20 minutes between applying the moderator and sunscreen can protect the skin up to 97 percent from the harmful rays of the sun.

Apply aloe vera gel.

After every day at home, clean the skin thoroughly and apply aloe vera gel Aloe vera gel will not only cool the skin, but will also make your skin fresh and glowing.

exfoliate the face

Exfoliate your face at least once a week, this removes your dead skin cells. For this, mix lemon juice in sugar and massage the face with light hands and after 10 minutes clean the face with water.

apply face pack

Apply a homemade face pack to eliminate tanning of the skin and improve the skin, for this, mix two spoons of oatmeal and two spoons of tomato juice in a quarter cup of milk and use it as a pack on the skin, apart from banana face pack or papaya.

drink plenty of water

In summer, the body needs a lot of water, so drink plenty of water. This will keep you healthy and your skin too.

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