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L’Oréal Continues To Roll Out its Reclaimable eco-refills with Arcade Beauty

Arcade Beauty continues to support the L’Oréal cluster within the environmental improvement of its packaging.
After Elsève, Garnier and dermocosmetic brands like La Roche Posay, L’Oréal confirms its expectations, now on skilled aid and a thriving refillable conception.
Arcade Beauty so designed and created for Kérastase, the French giant’s skilled hair care complete, a five hundred millilitre eco-refill in vi skus. product of polyester (PE) and absolutely reclaimable, this new development guarantees to save lots of up to eighty two of plastic material, compared to a standard bottle.
Arcade Beauty factory-made, crammed and packaged all six skus at one amongst its European sites.
L’Oréal and Arcade Beauty awarded by Paris Packaging Week
Previously developed for Elsève’s Elvive Color Vive protecting, Arcade Beauty’s mono-material five hundred millilitre 3D pouch was awarded by a certificate at the 2022 edition of the PCD Awards, organized by Paris Packaging Week. This version allowed to save lots of up to seventy fifth material compared to 2 250 millilitre shampoo bottles.
Organised as a part of Paris Packaging Week, each year, the Innovation Awards celebrate the simplest packaging innovations in fragrances, cosmetics, aid (PCD), premium beverages (PLD), aerosols and dispensing systems (ADF) of the year within the European and international markets. The awards are going to be remitted throughout 3 official ceremonies which will ensue throughout Paris Packaging Week on twenty nine & thirty June 2022 at Paris court Delaware Versailles.

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