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Home Remedies These home scrubs can work for lip cleanup

We pay a lot of attention to the skin but forget the small parts of the body. One of these is the lips. You can also use some homemade lip scrubs to get rid of chapped lips.

Home Remedies For Lip Scrubbing

 1) Sugar, coconut oil and honey

One of the best ways to scrub the lips is by applying it to get rid of the problem of chapped lips. For this, mix sugar, coconut oil and honey well and then apply it on the lips. By doing this it helps to remove dead skin from the lips and at the same time it also moisturizes the lips well.

 2) Coffee and coconut oil

With the assistance of this scrub, it helps to boost the complexion of your lips. occasional contains alkaloid that helps in rejuvenating the lips. to use it, combine occasional and oil well so apply it on your lips. Leave it on for a few time so clean it. Since you may not just like the style, you’ll apply your favorite ointment on the lips once removing it.

3) Honey, olive oil and baking soda

A scrub made of honey, olive oil and baking soda can help you remove dead skin from the lips. Apply this mixture on your lips for exfoliation and then wash it off after a while. Keep in mind that if there is any kind of irritation, remove it and avoid applying it later.

 4) Lemon juice, honey and sugar

You can use this scrub to prepare the lips before going anywhere. All these three things are easily available at home. While honey is an antioxidant on one hand, lemon on the other hand contains vitamins that will moisturize the lips.

5) Tooth brush will come in handy

If you are short of time and want to make your lips look beautiful. So apply your lip balm on the lips and then move a clean toothbrush over the lips in a circular motion. This method will help in removing dead skin.

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