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Hair Care Tips: Try onion oil to deal with hair related problems

Onions contain nutrients like sulphur, folate, vitamin C and vitamin B6. it’s inhibitor, anti fungal and anti microorganism properties. it’s terribly helpful for hair and scalp. Onions ar high in phytochemicals. They fight plant life and microorganism within the scalp, onions ar high in sulphur. It works for hair growth (Hair Care Tips). you’ll be able to conjointly use onion as a hair mask for hair. excluding this, you’ll be able to conjointly use onion oil. this is often terribly helpful for hair.

Let’s recognize natural hair care tips the advantages of exploitation onion oil.

prevents graying of hair

Onion oil is wealthy in nutrients. it’s inhibitor properties. It prevents harm caused by free radicals. It removes the matter of premature graying of hair

beneficial for dry people

Onion oil is extremely helpful for dry hair. It helps in creating the hair soft. exploitation it will increase the shine of the hair, however if your scalp is oily, then scale back its use.

how to build onion oil at home

To make onion oil, 1st place the onion in an exceedingly mixer and mix it as per the need. once this pour vegetable oil in an exceedingly pan. Add onion paste to that. Let it come back to a boil. once a boil, cut the gas. Let it boil well, until the oil separates from the mixture. Go. afterward combine it well. Filter it once it cools down. you place it in an exceedingly tight instrumentality, use it once required.

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