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Easy-To-Follow Home Tips For Healthy Hair

Maintaining healthy hair is an essential part of ones life as every girl or woman desires for a luscious mane. As with ones skin, keeping hair in good condition depends on proper hair care routine, well-balanced diet and use of essential oils.

  • Conditioning for dry hair: Every kitchen has some great items for conditioning your dry scalp black hair and make them silky and shiny. Egg yolk, honey and mayonnaise are great for deep conditioning. A paste of 2-3 egg yolks and honey applied for 15-20 minutes is an awesome way to naturally condition your hair.
  • Dandruff control: Dandruff troubles many of us. It makes the scalp itchy and it simply looks hideous. Lemon, vinegar, amla, honey are great for natual dandruff control. A paste made of a lemon squeeze, a dash of apple cider vinegar with some amla powder can be massaged on the scalp and left for 15 minutes to get rid of that stubborn dandruff.
  • Oily hair: If your hair becomes oily just a day after wash, try a vinegar rinse before shampoo. It is really effective in washing away that extra oil

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