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The Future of Beauty: 6 Skincare Trends to Watch in 2023

In the wake of the post-pandemic era, a resurgent love for skincare trends has captured the hearts of many. Over recent years, the landscape of skin care has undergone significant transformations, earning the devotion of a dedicated audience, even among those who prefer a simple routine of cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen. As each day passes, we navigate the expansive sea of novel products, innovative brands, and ingenious trends, all on a global scale. Looking back at 2022, it was a year filled with skincare revelations—both novel and reinvigorated. Intriguing skincare techniques such as “slugging,” “skin fasting,” and “skin flooding” took center stage, accompanied by the rise of essential ingredients like bakuchiol, vitamin C, and ceramides. So, what does the future hold for 2023? The cards have spoken, and here are the six skincare trends you need to be on the lookout for in the coming year.

1.Multi-Tasking Products: The Era of Simplified Skincare

Multi-Tasking Products: The Era of Simplified Skincare

In the realm of skincare trends,The ethos of skin-malism and the desire to streamline skincare routines have taken center stage, a trend that continues to flourish into 2023. Dr. Manasi Shirolikar, a consultant dermatologist and the founder of the online consulting brand,, emphasizes this shift: “I would be okay with the end of single-ingredient serums.CTP (cleanse, treat, protect) is hard enough to get patients to follow. If I make them do another step, they’re more likely to forgo the routine entirely. Moisturizers and serums with 2/3/4 actives, tinted sunscreens—I’m here for it all. The only time I’d want a single-ingredient serum is if someone I’m treating has sensitive skin, so it would be easy to isolate the ingredients their skin can tolerate.”

2.Spotlight on Body Care: Nurturing Your Entire Canvas

Spotlight on Body Care: Nurturing Your Entire Canvas

In the ever-evolving world of skincare trends 2023, body care is no longer relegated to the shadows. Beloved skincare ingredients like salicylic and glycolic acid, as well as retinols, are making their way into the realm of body care. Dr. Shirolikar explains this shift: “Skin is the largest organ in our body, but skincare has almost always focused on the face. However, recently, there has been a lot more focus on body care. For body acne, salicylic acid sprays, lotions, and body washes are available. Similarly, glycolic acid products are available for body pigmentation, lotions with retinol can reduce the appearance of stretch marks, while products with lactic acid can diminish the appearance of ‘strawberry legs.

3.Makeup-Skincare Hybrids: A Fusion of Beauty and Skin Health

Makeup-Skincare Hybrids: A Fusion of Beauty and Skin Health

In the dynamic landscape of skincare trends, a captivating fusion emerges in 2023—makeup-skincare hybrids.In 2022, makeup-infused skincare made a significant impact, and 2023 is poised to witness its full-blown emergence. Foundations and concealers that simultaneously enhance your appearance and treat your skin, primers that prepare and hydrate the skin—these hybrid products offer the dual benefit of beautifying while nourishing the skin’s health. Dr. Shirolikar notes, “This has to be the biggest beauty-skincare trend in 2023. It started with tinted sunscreens and expanded to brands like Supergoop introducing eyeshadows with SPF. Even haircare products were not spared, with the use of hyaluronic acid and glycolic acid. This progression represents the logical next step for the industry as the line between skincare and makeup becomes increasingly blurred each day. It’s a welcome advancement for all skincare enthusiasts, enabling people to maintain a more effective and minimal routine.”

4.A Mix of Lasers: Enhancing Skin Health Through Complementary Procedures

A Mix of Lasers: Enhancing Skin Health Through Complementary Procedures

In the realm of evolving skincare trends, 2023 brings forth an exciting and transformative trend: a mix of lasers.One common practice is the combination of an ablative laser, such as CO2 or Pixel, with Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP). Both procedures stimulate collagen production and reduce signs of aging. Another approach involves mixing Microneedling Radiofrequency (MNRF) with PRP to maximize the benefits during post-procedure recovery time. The trend of combining various in-clinic laser treatments under expert supervision will continue to grow as a means to address a wide range of skin concerns in a single session.

5.Hypochlorous Acid: An Antimicrobial Powerhouse’s Time to Shine

Hypochlorous Acid: An Antimicrobial Powerhouse's Time to Shine

Amidst the ever-evolving landscape of skincare trends, in 2023, it’s the era of hypochlorous acid. Hypochlorous acid, a weak acid with potent antimicrobial properties, is naturally produced by the skin to combat infections. When diluted to 100 parts per million, it can be used in facial cleansers. This versatile acid is beneficial for individuals with conditions like psoriasis, eczema, and acne. Embrace this skincare trends, and experience the remarkable capabilities of hypochlorous acid as it takes the forefront in your journey to healthier and more resilient skin.

6.At-Home Tech: Elevating Skincare with Technological Innovations

At-Home Tech: Elevating Skincare with Technological Innovations

LED masks, cleansing brushes, and other at-home skincare tools are not new, but the beauty of technology is its constant evolution. In 2023, at-home skincare technology is set to experience significant growth. Dr. Shirolikar highlights, “At-home skincare tech products serve as a valuable bridge between skincare products and in-clinic procedures. One of the most commonly used options involves low-level LEDs, which can be incorporated into LED masks or even LED hair combs.”


The world of skincare is an ever-evolving landscape, and staying informed about the latest skincare trends is vital to making the best choices for your skin’s health and appearance. In 2023, anticipate the rise of multi-tasking products, a renewed focus on body care, the proliferation of makeup-skincare hybrids, a mix of lasers for enhanced results, the ascendance of hypochlorous acid, and the continued growth of at-home skincare technology. As you embark on your skincare journey, remember that the most effective routine is one that aligns with your individual needs and preferences. By exploring these skincare trends, you can look forward to achieving healthy, radiant skin in 2023 and beyond.

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